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Pyramids of Giza al-Giza
ancient art in EgyptLocated on the banks of the river Nile Giza is the capital of the Giza Governorate while Giza Pyramids are one of the world’s most popular attraction representing the ancient Egyptian civilization at its best. It has a complex of ancient Egyptian royal mortuary and sacred structures, including the Great Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and a number of other large pyramids and temples: Giza also offers travelers with the most wonderful and unique accommodations, food, and entertainment not easily found anywhere.

On the Giza plateau is the Great Pyramid of Khufu standing at 137m estimated to have been constructed by 2 million blocks of stone with manual labor. The Pyramid of Khafre central location and being on plateaus that make it look as though it is larger than its size. The Solar Barque Museum is a show case for an excavated reconstructed solar boat that was buried with pharaoh for use across the sky.

The Interior of the Pyramids though hot, humid and claustrophobics is interesting and educative, one a marvels at the skill of these pyramids builders in building such impressive structures. The Pyramid of Menkaure though the smallest of all of Giza, stands at 62m though it used to stand at 66.5m high. The Pyramids Sound and Light Show gives an insight of these historic treasure, for example the Sphinx voice, tells guests the Giza plateau history and its place in the history of Egypt and details of pyramids and their historic scenes.

The Sphinx and the Temple of the Sphinx, is a recumbent of a man with lion head a representation of the Egyptian god – Horus, the father of terror. It stands at 45m tall and 22m wide curved from sand stone rocks; it however misses a nose. The queen’s pyramids and nobles’ tombs located in the regimented cemeteries crowns your visit. Giza has an extensive transport net work of road network, rail, subways, and maritime services. Road transport is major of personal vehicles, taxi cabs, private public buses, and minibuses.

Cairo has one of the oldest museums in the whole of Africa and the Middle East, established in 1835 as an effort to stop the plundering and looting of archeological treasure. The museum thus protects the artifacts and trance of Egyptian past. It has wonderful items that are not limited to, Funerary Works; this asserts the belief of life after death for example the sarcophagi funeral art. Jewelry; these museum keeps the beautiful and unique jewelry of silver and gold as well as precious stones.

Sculpture that used to be located in temples and tombs are now kept in this museum, it has a wide representation of different generations of the Egyptian history: for example the sculptor of the goddess of Selket from the Canopic shrine and king Merenptah. King Tut was an infant king but was one of the most famous king thus has an incredible collection located at the museum including Shields, bracelets and jewelry.

Saladin Cairo Citadel
Sometimes referred to as Mohamed Ali Citadel, it contains the Mosque of Muhammad Ali built between 1828 and 1848 and perched on the summit of citadel. This Ottoman mosque was built in memory of Tusun Pasha, Ali’s oldest son; it also represents Mohamed Ali’s effort to erase symbols of Mamluk dynasty that he replaced in around 1805. Its history has made this citadel one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cairo and Egypt.

It is renowned for its breezes and beautiful scenery and currently referred to as grand castle for containing artifacts and surviving items of ancient civilization like water pipes that used to carry the water from the Nile River to the citadel  It is where scenes of medieval decorations, wooden bay windows and decorative arches as well as historical buildings and mosques are kept.

Khan El Khalili Bazaa
Known as the Turkish bazaar during the Ottoman Empire, Khan El Khalili dates back to 1382 built by Circassin Mamluk Sultan; it was however destroyed and latter rebuilt by the Ottoman Empire. Today several coffee houses, restaurants and street foods are distributed throughout the market serving traditional foods. The tradition of buying and selling, haggling and bargaining among the crowds is more than a consumer activity in Egypt. It's a great way to socialize and meet new people.

This is an Oen Air Markets where caravanserai; a place where travelers stopped to rest for a while on their long journeys; the original caravanserai still stands today in the market, clothing, spices, traditional jewelry and perfumes of the Egypt's people and culture as well as plenty of coffee shops along the street.

Djosers Step Pyramid in Saqqara
Built by the Imhotep in the 27th Century BC Djoser is one of the oldest pyramids in Egypt, they were one of the most ancient pyramids that were latter replaced by the smooth sided that gained fame. They were built by the 3rd dynasty of the Imhotep when it was a requirement for mastabas to be placed on top of each other creating steps thus the name step pyramid.

These pyramids though originally built to bury Pharaoh Djoser, they later became popular to eventually create a vast mortuary complex in one massive courtyard. Their stone, wood, reeds, and brick decorations make them the most symbolic artisan technological innovation. Consequently a tour around them gives you the view of a unique architect of woven mats, wooden styled roof, and stone doors.

Djoser therefore offers a unique look of the walls woven mats, a colonnaded corridor of wooden roof and two large stone doors; a court yard used for royal ceremonies, a mortuary temple used for national and religious festivals. It is an ancient large scale stone construction of excellent view extremely interesting, more so when you realize that you are in the Egyptians most ancient and grandest creations.

Ancient city of Memphis Egypt
This was former administrative and political hub of the ancient Egypt, the great number of royal burial sites in Mephis and the nearby saqqara attests their significance in the history of Egypt. This ancient town is believed to have extended over nine miles along the eastern shore of the Nile river, it is also thought to have been founded by the first pharaoh of the first dynasty as the first capital of the united Egypt; it is therefore over 5000 years old; It however begun to fade after the end of the pharaohs which led to the destruction of the Memphis temples and structures and the constructions of Cairo and the raise of Alexandria faded Memphis’ glory.

The Memphis Open Air Museum, that house the monumental statue of Ramses II estimated to be weighing 8 tons and sphinx carved out of pieces of alabaster, and the beautiful sculptors are one of the most visited attractions in the city.

Necropolis of Abu Sir
With fourteen pyramid and the largest findings of the papyri, it stands out as elite and exclusive final resting ground for many of the ancient pharaohs, nobles and other important Egyptians. It has 14 pyramids and findings of papyri; most importantly are the Pyramid of Sahure and the Pyramid of Niuserre. The place is free from crowding and has good access to many other sites; it has open anterior visits to expose you to the several burial champers that still look intact.

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