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a visit to the pyramids in EgyptEgypt - the perfect place for a vacation safari or African holiday is considered the world's oldest civilisation having emerged from the Nile valley 3000 years ago and considred one of the world's oldest vacation spots. Early Romans, Greeks and others went there for fun and to see the wonders of mankinds' earliest triumphs. It has the pyramids ,Red sea scuba diving, hot night spots, luxury five star hotels and romantic cruises down the Nile on festive river boats.

Egypt is a land busting with life, sound, visual beauty and excitement.There is much to do and see all over Egypt! The lovely warem land with charming and hospitable people. Your one and only problem is likely to be time, you may never want to leave.

Why Travel with Us at African Crane Safaris?
We understand there are very many tour operators to choose from for your Egypt holiday, Uganda safari, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania but finding the best tour operator / Safari Company can also be difficult as they all promise the best and offer the same packages. At African Crane Safaris, we do not promise heaven on earth but assure you that we are reliable and we will offer you an authentic safari experience in East Africa as we have done for our past clients! Read our client testimonials to know what others talk about us.

  • We have experienced staff who will offer you the right advice at all stages of your safari
  • We partner with the best hotels and safari lodges in all the areas we operate and as such, we are able to offer you affordable prices
  • We use 4X4 safari vehicles that are best suited for even those rough terrains in some parks
  • We give priority to safety and comfort to ensure a successful holiday
  • Our safari packages take you to the best destinations for your safari; Pyramids of Giza, Red Sea Reef, Gizeh Plateau, Dahab, River Nile Cruise, Mohamed Ali Mosque, Egyptian Antiquities Museum among other destinations of your choice.
  • We are flexible and can accommodate last minute changes.
  • Please send us an email and start your journey to a memorable safari holiday in East Africa.

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