Fishing Safaris in Uganda.

Where can you do fishing in Uganda?
Fishing can be best done at Murchison falls on the Nile River and on Lake Victoria.

fishermen carrying a nile perchAt African Crane Safaris we ensure clients’ safety and the best opportunity for a successful fishing safari by providing expert assistance. While we appreciate that some of you may be experienced enough to challenge the Nile at Murchison falls by just hiring a boat and skipper, we recommend you have an experienced fishing guide along to ensure the smooth running of your fishing trip more so if it is a first excursion to the falls just to ensure you get the best memorable experience of your fishing on the Nile at Murchison falls with the best boats and equipment.

We also conduct spot fishing at the base of the falls from either the rocks on the bank of the river or slightly lower downstream in the pools with a boat where we access by boat from a point further downstream or by walking from the top of the falls down the gorge to the river which may take about 45 minutes depending on your fitness and speed.

We also recommend that you go equipped for the day just in case you want to avoid climbing up as the day heats up. The temperatures at times are as high as 40 degrees C or even more. We therefore recommend that you carry with you sun protection like; sun tan lotion, hats, sunglasses among others and long sleeved shirts and insect repellent.

When can I do fishing in Uganda?
It surely varies by year; we catch all year round however, the dry season/months of the year produce good fishing results. At Murchison falls, the months of December to March and June to October produce good results, the rest of the months may not be good enough as we tend to receive some rains. Please inquire with us on your planned fishing safari for details and latest updates.

Which type of fish is caught, fishing equipment and methods used?
Well the fish caught on casting lures or on live bait include Nile perch and cat fish species. A large variety of smaller species also used as live bait obtained by spinning including tiger fish.  A rod between 11feet (3 meters) and 8 feet (2.4 meters) with a fixed spool or multiplier reel is recommended. Also adequate for smaller species is a 7 spinning rod with 5 kg (10 lb) line.

For Nile perch and catfish any reel fixed spool or multiplier with 30-35 lb line (17kg) is recommended as it depends on personal preference and skill with a multiplier; like for tiger fish and smaller species any reel you can comfortably cast small spinners is suitable.

Fishing on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria as well provides an exciting opportunity for fishing. Like Murchison falls, fishing on Lake Victoria can be done all year round save for the months of April and May rainy season and the full moon. Trolling with lures is our main fishing method and fish caught is Nile perch weighting about 10-80 kilograms. We use an 18 foot sea going ski boat with single foam filled hull. We operate both day and overnight fishing trips on Lake Victoria.

Like at Murchison falls, we recommend that you carry with you some sun protection as it can be very hot on the lake and also some insect repellent among other items you may require like; Cameras. Fishing can be combined with other safari activities to other destinations/national parks or done exclusively. Inquire with us for more details and advise.

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