Uganda Culture, Heritage Sites and Cultural Safari Packages.

Uganda is composed of diverse cultures and there are a good number of well maintained cultural heritage sites that you can visit to discover Uganda Cultural tourism. Below is a highlight of the major destinations and you can contact us to find out much more!

Kasubi Tombs; this is a well renowned world cultural heritage site in Uganda and more so for the Buganda kingdom. Kasubi tombs is the largest grass thatched house in the world and is home to the fallen Buganda kings. There is a lot more to discover in this UNESCO heritage site giving you in-depth insights into the Buganda kingdom. The tombs can be visited as part of Kampala city tour or as a day activity. Contact us for more.

Uganda Martyrs Shrine - Namugongo; The Martyrs’ Trail is a route guiding us to various historical and emotional Namugongo shrine sites that today stand as important religious sites marking the brutal treatment that the Christian faithful then were subjected to for their faith by Kabaka Mwanga 11 as he competed for influence and recognition among his subjects with the Christian missionaries. Read more about Namugongo Martyrs

Kalambi Tombs - Tooro; This is the ┬ámain burial grounds for Tooro kingdom known in the native Rutooro language as Amagasani located 7 kilometers from Fort Portal town, where three kings of Toro were buried. These include David Kasagama Kyebambe who died in 1929, George Kamurasi Rukidi who died in 1965 and Patrick Olimi Kaboyo who died in 1995. The royal regalia used by the kings are displayed in each mausoleum where they are buried. Several Tooro princes and princesses are also buried at Karambi. Contact us for more

Nshenyi Village - Ankole - western Uganda; this is an organised cultural safari destination located in western Uganda and your gateway into the Ankole culture, seated in the heart of former Ankole kingdom dominated by the eminent long-horned Ankole cattle. There are a range of activities as you can participate in! You will enjoy your stay at the charming and spacious farm, decorated according to the local customs. Participate in milking cows with your bare hands, accompany children to school, find out how matooke is prepared or follow the Kagera Trail to the natural border with Tanzania. Click here to contact us.

There is a lot more to discover while on cultural safari in Uganda and what is more interesting is that most if not all of these cultural sites can be visited as part of a long safari in Uganda. If a Uganda cultural safari is what you are looking for or wish to visit any of the sites and learn more about Uganda culture, contact us now and we will be more than glad to help you!

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