Mount Elgon National Park.

Sipi falls Mt elgon national parkMount Elgon is a 4,321m high extinct volcano which first erupted about 24 million years ago and which in prehistoric times stood taller than Kilimanjaro does today has the largest surface area of any extinct volcano in the world (50 km by 80 km ). Although the mountain straddles the Kenya border, its loftiest peak, Wagagai (4,321m high), lies within Uganda and is best ascended from the Uganda side.

Elgon is an important watershed, and its slopes support a rich variety of altitudinal vegetation zones ranging from montane forest to high open moorland studded with the other-worldly giant lobelia and groundsel plants. Spectacular scenery is the main attraction for hikers on this often-neglected and relatively undemanding mountain, but there is also a variety of forest monkeys and small antelopes, along with elephants and buffalos. A checklist topping 300 birds includes many species not recorded elsewhere in Uganda.

Other attractions include ancient cave paintings close to the trailhead at Budadiri, and spectacular caves and hot springs within the crater. The magnificent Sipi falls is a great attraction here too with about 66km from Mbale town passing through verdant village homes and gardens. The hike takes about 4-5 days to reach the peak as seen below.


Day 1: Kampala – Mount Elgon
After an early morning breakfast, you will be transferred to the Eastern town of Mbale a charming town at the foot of the Mount Elgon with a rich and fascinating cultural heritage Via Jinja also known as the adventure capital. Arriving for your lunch in Mbale town with some beautiful view points before transferring to Sipi. On our way we will reach Sipi Village, nestled between mountains and waterfalls. You will enjoy a hike to the lovely Sipi Falls. Passing through typical African bandas (village homes), banana plantations and maize fields as you Climb to the different waterfalls. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Piswa Camp
After breakfast, transfer to Kapkwata at 2190 meters, from where you will start your hike, following the Kapkwata Trail. It is a scenic route running through the bamboo, heath and moor land, arriving at the Piswa Camp at 2850 meters. Dinner and camping at Piswa Hut Campsite.

Day 3: Hunters Cave Camp
After break, hike up to the rim of the caldera through beautiful columns of the most rare and endemic plant species like the giant Lobelia Elgonensis with a visit to the slopes of Mount Elgon can’t go without finding the wild Everlasting flowers. Visit the hot springs and Suam Gorge before descending to the Hunters Cave Camp at 3850 meters. Dinner and camping at Hunters Cave Camp.

Day 4: Mude Cave Camp
After breakfast, ascend to the top of the caldera to the Wagagai Peak at 4321 meters. Descend thereafter through the Jackson summit (4200 meter) and the Jackson pool to arrive at Mude Cave Camp at 3500 meters. Dinner and camping at Mude Cave Camp.

Day 5: Mount Elgon - Kampala
Early morning, descend through the Sasa trail to Budadiri and then travel back to Mbale town. After having lunch in this calm place, relax at leisure in your hotel or freely take a walk around Mbale town, dinner and overnight.

 Day 6: Mbale – Kampala
After an early morning breakfast, depart Mbale back to Kampala. Arriving to have your lunch in Kampala and after lunch, depending on the time of your flight you will be transferred to the airport to catch your back home. If time allows, go shopping for souvenirs before the final airport transfer.

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